What Nick’s clients say

I came to see Nick for acupuncture for my low immune system (including thyroid), breathing and terrible eczema. My breathing has never been so good and I have so much more energy! Nick did cupping for my eczema, its taken a few sessions but has really help. It been so nice to have a natural treatment like this than covering my body in steroid creams. Would really recommend Nick for any problem, he's very friendly, approachable & explains everything very well. Thanks Nick!
Nick has helped me through some cardio issues and chromic fatigue. He takes the time to listen and question so that he can apply the best treatment. He has helped to stop/control my atrial fibrillation. He also patiently explained how my current lifestyle was going to escalate problems and that I needed to review it. He made more sense than my lovely GP and other professionals who have been involved with me and my medical conditions.
Nick is a very friendly, caring and knowledgeable practitioner! I began seeing him as I was struggling with chronic insomnia, which has caused me to wake up at 3-4am almost every single morning. I have spent a year trying different remedies and relaxation techniques, never really getting anywhere. After my second session of acupuncture with Nick I started to sleep form 10pm to 6am! I was always a great believer in alternative therapies, but really, I did not expect it be so effective in such a short period of time. I am truly grateful to Nick for his help and definitely going to use his service in the future.
My energy levels are so much better, and my heavy legs are no more thanks to your skill and professionalism. My whole well-being has vastly improved, I feel so well, so much better.
Heartfelt thanks to Nick for rescuing my left arm after I woefully ignored it for almost a year before seeking help. I had very badly injured my left arm whilst lifting and twisting with a very heavy object, pulling muscles on the shoulder and giving myself tendonitis and atrophy in part of the muscle. Nick was always a pleasure to visit and with his gentle optimism, acupuncture, massage moxabustion and heat treatment, I now have full use of my arm again. I need to continue to exercise my arm but remain immensely grateful to Nick for rescuing the seemingly impossible.
I started a course of acupuncture and massage with Nick for a debilitating chronic atypical facial pain. As a result of this, along with improved diet and exercise, I have been completely pain-free for three months at the time of writing. Now I am having acupuncture once every two months to maintain good health and prevent a recurrence.
I had never had Chinese massage before and am highly satisfied with it. Until now, I have had 4 massages with Nick because of a chronic contraction on the right sides of my neck and back due to scoliosis. I am a yoga teacher and I was amazed at how many unknown subtle tensions Nick was able to release in my back in spite of my daily practice, each time leaving me with a fantastic feeling of well-being and experiencing improvements in my yoga practice. I would highly recommend this, though young, Nick has a very deep knowledge of the human body and you are in good hands.
I can not recommend Nick enough, excellent professional service.
I personally have never been a fan of massage, I don’t like being touched. Random I know, but immediately under Nick’s presence you relax, and begin to enjoy the treatment with great effect. I felt this was due to Nick’s care and accurate understanding of your body and your feelings. To say his knowledge and commitment to his work is good, would be an understatement. He brings a care and compassion to his work, that reassures you are in the care of an expert. This naturally comes form his drive and desire to helps others. I like the way he worked on areas that I had problems with, and also gave me advice and exercises to help remedy these problems. My partner also received a message, and said she felt it was very relaxing. The day after she could feel a lot of tension had been released. She liked the way he worked on issues that helped with relaxation and relieving pain. We would recommend him to family, friends and anyone who was in serious need of physical or non-physical help. We have already recommended him to our parents who are booking in appointments with him.
Josh & Scarlett
World-class treatment, highly recommended! Nick is extremely skilled and very experienced.

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