When are we open?

I am very happy to announce that both clinics will be open again from Monday 6th July for all patients.

How to book in?

If you are an EXISTING patient, please use the following link or visit the “bookings” page on my website: https://www.rhythmschinesemedicine.co.uk/prices-bookings/

If you are a NEW patient, and need to reschedule your FIRST Appointment, please get in touch by email/phone prior to booking (see the contact side bar).

If you believe you are or may be in a Vulnerable Group (see below) then please get in touch prior to booking. We can discuss the unique risks/benefits of receiving treatment for you at this time.

* The normal cancelation policy of 48 hours notice applies. You will not be charged if you believe you may have developed any potential Covid symptoms or may have been exposed to someone who is suspected to have contracted it. In these cases you must cancel your appointments.

Do you need to do anything differently?

What are we doing differently to ensure your safety?

Acupuncture clinics already adhere to rigorous hygiene and safety standards. We are taking the following additional hygiene and safety measures to ensure the clinic is as safe and secure as possible for you when you come in for treatment.

Consider the risks/benefits before coming for treatment

Both clinics are one-to-one private practices in rural practice settings and are therefore relatively low risk compared to other healthcare environments. Whilst we will do whatever we can to ensure your safety, there is still some inevitable risk associated with coming for treatment at this time. The level of risk will be unique to each individual, so it is important that you consider the risks/benefits of coming for treatment carefully before booking in. There may be other vulnerable people that you are in contact with that may be adversely affected. Again, if you wish to discuss these risks further then please get in touch.

Vulnerable Groups

Clinically vulnerable people

1: Anyone aged 70 and older

2: Anyone under 70 with an underlying health condition – that is, anyone instructed to get a flu jab as an adult each year on medical grounds – such as:

Clinically extremely vulnerable people

The government issued this further advice detailing specific medical conditions that place someone at greatest risk of severe illness from Covid-19. People who fall into this group will have been informed that they are clinically extremely vulnerable, and have been advised to exercise ‘shielding’.

Shielding means that they have been told to:

People in this category of risk are:

1 Solid organ transplant recipients.

2 People with specific cancers:

If you have any further questions please do get in touch and ask (contact info in the side bar to the right).

Wishing you and your loved ones all the best in this difficult time. Please stay safe and well.