Traditional Chinese Medicine can provide effective support for a range of health conditions.

Nick offers the following Therapies at his clinics in South Oxfordshire.

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Acupuncture aims to restore the body to a state of homeostasis (internal physiological balance), engaging the body’s innate immune response so the body is able to heal itself.

Traditional Chinese Massage (Tui Na) uses a range of techniques to release the muscles, improve circulation, correct postural misalignments and effectively relieve stress.

Traditionally Cupping works by creating a vacuum which physically ‘lifts’ the skin, helping to release and unknot the tight muscle fibres and connective tissue beneath.

Our therapies can provide effective for support for a wide range of conditions. Please see the individual therapy pages listed above for more information on what conditions we provide treatment for.

We also provide general healthcare treatments which focus on energising the body, relieving muscular tension, correcting postural misalignment’s, boosting the immune system and relaxing the mind.

All of our therapies come from the tradition of Chinese Medicine. Over 2000 years ago the ancient Chinese already demonstrated knowledge of highly sophisticated, effective and natural system of medicine. And whilst western medicine is now also accepted in China, traditional medicine is still the most common form of treatment used.

Therapies are often used together and in combination depending on the complaint. However if you simply wish to have just one therapy, this is of course possible.

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