Qigong Therapy

Qigong Therapy Ji Ben Qigong Compressing the Pearl

Ji Ben Qigong Compressing the Pearl

Qigong Therapy (Chi Kung) uses the principles of Chinese Medicine to work with and re-balance the Qi of someone else.

Qigong literally translates as ‘energy work’ but is more accurately described as ‘the skill of working with energy’. It is a meditative practice of slow graceful movements originating from the Daoist and Buddhist traditions of China and is the most common form of exercise practiced world wide.

The most common form of Qigong practice involves a sequence of gentle and elegant exercises which are designed to both to stretch and strengthen the physical body, and also to strengthen and self-regulate the movement of Qi.

However partner healing techniques are an equally important aspect of Qigong Therapy where similar principles are used to treat and regulate the Qi of another individual.



Qigong Therapy

Qigong therapy treats illness by re-balancing the meridians related to internal organs of the body so that physical illness and injury may be either treated or prevented.

In many cases the therapist uses movements and contact with the patient, however, distance techniques are also used.

When treatment is given it creates a strong relaxing state for the patient and has a sedating effect on the nervous system hence it’s use in treating psycho-emotional issues, stress and anxiety.

Qigong on its own is generally not as effective as when it is combined with Massage (Tui Na) and Acupuncture and often Nick will use Qigong therapy in combination with other therapies.

Together they provide a balanced and comprehensive system of healing and health care which can greatly improve physical vitality and emotional clarity.

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