Nick Lowe MSc

Nick Lowe holds a Masters Degree in Chinese Medicine and is a member of the ATCM (Association of Traditional Chinese Medicine). Running clinics in South Oxfordshire, in practice he supports the use of traditional Eastern principles with modern anatomy and physiology for the most effective results.

My aim is to find root cause of your injury or illness and provide a unique solution tailored to you individually.”

Nick specialises in correcting postural misalignments in the body in order to address a wide variety of conditions from physical injuries to digestive and gynaecological issues.

Nick has practised Yoga, Taiji and Martial Arts for over 9 years. These studies have given him a unique insight into the addressing the structure of the human body which he applies through his treatments. His training has regularly taken him to Asia, Europe and many parts of the UK in order to further his skills.


Qualifications and Insurance


Masters Degree in Chinese Medicine (2014-2015) The University of Middlesex

Acupuncture Diploma with Distinction  (June 2013) Body Harmonics School

Masters Diploma in Tui Na with Distinction (January 2013) Body Harmonics School

Foundation Diploma in Tui Na with Distinction (June 2012) Body Harmonics School

Qi Gong Instructor (June 2013) Lotus Nei Gong: School of Daoist Arts

Member of the ATCM (Association of Traditional Chinese Medicine)

Fully Insured to practice with Balens Insurance


Ongoing Studies

Continuing Professional Development in Japanese Kiko Style Acupuncture

Chinese Herbal Medicine with Frances Turner and Dr Feng

In addition to this Nick Lowe holds a degree in Philosophy and Ancient History from The University of Liverpool where he studied both contemporary and Eastern philosophy and he regularly contributes articles on the subject of Acupuncture, Chinese medicine, Daoist and Buddhist philosophy to the website.

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